Transport services we provide throughout Europe. Our main lines include Denmark, Germany, France, Hungary, Slovenia, Spain, Switzerland, Italy and Sweden.

We come personally and we satisfy the needs of our customers. We provide services of the highest quality, which results in long term relationships and a high position in the company

We have a shipping office in Klucze and in Tychy. Our team shippers individual approaches to the requirements and needs of our customers. Our clients include both international corporations and medium-sized enterprises across Europe.




About us


About Company

F.T.H. DOMAGAŁA Marek Domagała

32-340 Wolbrom ul.20- Straconych 82


Headquarters Wolbrom:

Mobile phone: +48 32 646 27 65

Branch in Tychy:

Mobile phone: +48 32 723 39 92


     600 281 725

     602 128 578